”Generation XL”

I hope you all have had a great sunday! Mine started off early, because I was going to the gym! It was awesome, and I kicked my ass of! Again.. 😉

As the topic says, I’m going to talk about Generation XL. It’s a danish television programe, so I don’t know how many of you know it..
Anyways, it’s about how many young people is growing up being overweight, and we’re following 5 diffrent children in their battle. It is also about how much responsibility the parents have, when they are rasing an obse/overweight child.

The topic in this post is really about overweight children/young people and which ”fault” it is.
Personally, I think it is the parents! I, myself, have always been overweight. For as long as I can remeber. But about 2 years ago, in the summer, I started to lose weight.
I have always wanted to go to a gym, but they are so expensive!If only I had acces to a gym, I would do just fine. I’ve had some up and downs in my journey, and it not even done yet. If anyone is interest,I will share my whole story. But it’s a bit long 😉
Anyways, I don’t think that you can let a child decide if he/she should have another portion. If he/she should get that Mars bar. Or another Coke. They can’t decide what is right in such an early age. That is why it is so important for the parents to have their things right. I didn’t mean it in a bad way, I’m not saying that there is the perfect parent. But literally, if you can’t control your portions, your sncakcs, you unhealthy lifestyle, how will you teach a child to do the opposite? Gosh.. And it can make me so angry at times, and sad. For example this 10 year old girl, is overweight and her sleep rythym is totally ”ruined”, because her mothers job is so far away, and when she gets home, she is nearly falling asleep.

In Denmark, there has been a lot of focus on the weight. And there proably always will be. But I just don’t get, why we use so much energy on complaing about anything that has to do with the overweight/obse problem. They are making it so much worse that it is, in some cases.

For example, (and this is something I really can get sad and angry about!), in my city there has just opened a new candy store. It’s called Slikkepinden(The Lollipop). And it has candy from the floor, to the roof! And the store is mostly for children, which I think is a very double standard action of the government!
I also think it is very unfair that alot of todays children get bullied because of the weight, and alot of them are struggling with sucidal thoughts and self harm.

So, that was the very thougthful post I was talking about earlier 😉 What do you think? Do you agree or disagree in some of the things I’ve said?

Right now I gotta hurry, ’cause I’m gonna be late for the bus that is taking me to my boarding school! Gotta go!


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