Do you run in the Fall?

Do you pack your running clothes away at Fall? There is no reason to. Actually, there is a lot  of advangtes by running in the cold.

When it gets colder outside, it can be hard to keep up the motivation to run. For me it was. It just got easier to just stay inside, than to be out in the cold. But as soon as you’re in your thick tights, your windproof jacket and your gloves, and find your running rhythm. You feel the heat inside your body, and you get hooked.
There is alot of good reasons for (winter) running. You know your own. Maybe you run to lose weight? Or to stay in good shape and prevent stress and bad mood? Or maybe all of them? No matter what gets you out of the door, you’ll be surprised about how many extra advangtes there is to keep running, even though it’s cold.

  • You lose weight
    It can’t be said to often: Running is sublime, when you’re losing weight. Running works super effective, because the movement pattern is challenging the body, so it burns more calories pr minute, than any other form of exercise. The cause is that every running step requires that you lift and move your own bodyweight against gravity. It costs calories.
    A little motivating calcutaltion, before you decide to buy winter tights and windbreakers: For every kilometres you put in running (regardless your tempo), the body burns about the same amount calories as your bodyweight in kilos. So if you e.g weigh 65 kilos, your combustion per km in running, is about 65 calories. That is 450 calories in a 40 minutes run. In a winter season it can easily get up to 300 km and 3 kilos burned fat. Besides, the combustion raises 5 % in the winter, since the body has to use extra power to keep the body warm.
  • Say goodbye to stress
    Another important reason to consider winter running, is the stressreducing effect. Running in the nature or at the park, has an immediate effect on stress. The natural sounds of the wind in the tree tops, running shoes on a gravel path and the surroundings that is passing by, is relaxing and is calming the mind. Besides that, it has numerous scientifict research shown, that regular running is working non-stressing and prevents depression.
    If you have a tendacy to gain on weight in the winter, you can get a big joy out of winterrunning. Besides, running outdoors means that you get your daily dose of D-vitamin. So get your ass off, and get out there!

If you’re finding it hard to get out in the cold, let me know, and I’ll post a guide for you!

Source: Fit Living

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