I Succeeded! Part 2

Hey all!
The weather today is really great in Denmark! It’s shining, and looks beautiful! I wish I could go out and run, but I’m way to sore for that! Haha 🙂

Today I’m going to talk more about yesterday! If you didn’t know, I attended a Hill Challenge in Silkeborg! It was the first time I did something like that, so I was overly excited when we got a bag with a t-shirt, running socks, something to put on sore muscles(YES), the newest issue of Aktiv Træning(sports magazine) and our running number paper-thing.

When we were about to warm up, there came two men from Tv2 Østjylland(Danish news channel), who was going to film us, and some in particular. Actually it was one of the teachers who had asked them, if the wanted to film us 🙂 – You can see it right here:
http://www.tv2oj.dk/arkiv It’s about 4:44, that we are in 😉 And just so you know, Maja who is speaking isn’t me, just for the record.

After we were done, we all gathered up, and got some cake and juice, because the teachers thought we did an amazing job. They also talked about that this was what they had trained for and so on, so it was great to stand there and had completed, with no training, haha.

This Hill Challenge has proven to me, that I am capable of so much more than of what I thought! We all are! When we think we can’t run anymore, the mind can do so much more! When your legs are giving up, run with your heart!
If I can accomplish this, me, who has been a heavy overweight girl, then you can too!
I’m not saying that you should just go and do a marathon or something, but It’s never too late to change who you are, or what your habits are. And yes, it is f*cking hard! It’s not just something that changes in a day or two! It has taken years to build those habits that made you take all that weight on, and it’s not going to change overnight! Fight for what you want, and if nobody thinks you can, then show them!

At last, I want to show you those things we got!
T-shirt from Newline, The latest issue from Aktiv Træning, Active Gel, and amazing running socks from Newline!

My shoes were totally muddy when the run was over. This picture doesn’t even cover it.Have good day, and keep your good on!


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