10 myths about sugar!

Right now I’m sitting in the ”living room”. It’s like a big room, with places to sit and stuff.. Don’t know what to call it.. Anyways, we’re recording our version of ”Mercy” right now, but not everyone is recording, so I thought I would blog!
I’ve got this friend here at my boarding school, who wants to get lean and tone up, so i’m helping her with some exercise. And this morning, we had time to train some, so we went to the gym.

Anyways, in DK we have a health and fitness’ish magazine, called Fit Living, and they have this article, where they write 10 myths about sugar. So I’ve thought I would post them, but put them in diffrent posts, so you get them on diffrent days 😉

1# Myth: Sweeteners is better than sugar.
True and false.
For diabetics or strongly overweight people on a diet, sweeteners can be a help when the craving for sugar comes. But if you’re healthy, then don’t. Sweeteners as ”Birkesød” or ”Hermesetas” increases your blood sugar and therefore contains calories. ”Sukrin” and ”Isis Perfect Sød” doesn’t increase your blood sugar, but we don’t know what the long-term consequences are, if you generally take sweeteners, since there hasn’t been researched enough on the era.
So if you’ve just got a sweet tooth it’s a good idea to walk past the light products and settle with a little of the real deal.


Source: Fit Living

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2 Responses to 10 myths about sugar!

  1. Frida says:

    Det er megafedt, at du skriver om det! Jeg synes det er så udbredt en misforståelse at sødestoffer skulle være sunde – tag aspartam for eksempel, de har testet det på rotter, og der fik samtlige dyr bylder indenfor et døgn. Virkelig skræmmende!

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