Stay Strong During The Weekend!


Hope all of you had a great day! Mine started out with waking up early, and taking a bus down town. I’ve had a lot of things I needed to get done today.Β One of the things was that I went down to the drugstore, and was on this special weight scale, that showed you your body fat and other stuff. I’m gonna tell you about it later!
After that I headed to the gym. Gosh it was good!! I haven’t been at the gym in 2-3 weekends! πŸ˜€ It felt good!

For some of my new followers who might don’t know, I go to a boarding school. I still exercise (alot), but being home on weekend is really hard.
I often fall into ”traps”, because I’m home again, or because I’m tired, or some other ”dumb” reason. It’s about staying focused on your goal!
If you don’t have bad things in your fridge, then you don’t eat it!
It might sound very simple, and yes it is. But it’s still hard to buy the right things. There is alot of things at our supermarkeds that claims to be healthy, but isn’t.
But also, moderation is the key! Read my post about no food is forbidden, because yes, you can have a small slice of cake. It won’t kill you. But also remeber to make it a choice, not a cheat.

My tip for you, is also to try to aviod walking in the mid section at the supermarked. That is where all the bad stuff is!

Don’t let the weekend ruin your progress! Stay strong, don’t get discouraged peeps! πŸ™‚


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