Myths about sugar! 7#

Myte: Light produkter indeholder ikke sukker

Mange light produkter foregiver at ikke have tilsat sukker. Det betyder at det ikke er tilsat hvidt sukker, men ofte er det i stedet tilføjet sukker fra frugt eller energigivende sødemidler. Frugt sukker giver det samme antal kalorier og stigning i blodsukkeret som hvid sukker gør. Light produkter indeholder også energi fra sødemidler. Light produkter indeholder oftest kun en lille smule mindre kalorier end almindelige produkter, og indholdet af fedt er oftest the samme som almindelige produkter eller højere.

Myth: Light products don’t contain sugar

Many light products pretend to not have added sugar. That means that it’s not added with white sugar, but often it is instead added with sugar from fruits or sweeteners containing energy. Fructose(fruit sugar) gives the same amount of calories and increases the bloodsugar the same as white sugar does. The light products also contains energy from the sweeteners. Light products contains often only a few less calories than ordinary products, and the amount of fat is often the same as regular products or higher.

Source: Fit Living


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