Before and After Stories: Scola

Tell us about yourself:
Well my name is Scolastica but most people call me Scola, I’m 17 years old and when I was 14 I decided to start losing weight. Probably the best decision I have ever made and will ever make. I’ve always sort of been a ‘clown’. I LOVE making people laugh and making people happy. I feel like that’s the best thing to have come out of my weight loss, when I help people with their healthy lifestyles. I can’t explain the feeling I get when I help someone…I honestly feel so honored that anyone trusts me enough to ask me for my help.
ripped godess before and afterI will never really know how I became overweight in the first place but I’m pretty sure it was due to comfort eating. It’s hard for me to explain, but my childhood wasn’t always the best. My parents marriage has always been up and down. One minute we would be playing happy families and the next there would be shouting and my dad would have disappeared for months. So when I was a kid I turned to food for comfort.

I was still going through the same problems when I decided to lose weight but I decided to use that sadness to motivate me to work to being happier. I had my ups and downs through my weight loss and I didn’t do everything perfectly but I came out the other side happier than ever. Not just happier but also healthier. I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy and healthy as I am now.

When was it that you realized that you needed to lose weight? Has there been a special event that made you think ‘’I need to lose weight’’?
After a school trip to Disneyland Paris all my featingriends uploaded the pictures onto facebook. It felt like I’d seen myself for the first time…
I was so big.
I remember putting on that red dress and feeling great about myself, I thought I looked so great but looking at the pictures I just looked so big and SO unhealthy. And it took roughly 10-11 months to lose the all the weight.

A lot of girls today are afraid of lifting weights, because they d
on’t want to look ”bulky”. Has your losing weight, changed your mind on that? – Astumblr_mgy30jP4FK1qatkx6o1_500 in, if you hadn’t had the experience with your weight loss?
It really has! Building muscle is great and honestly you don’t look ‘bulky’ you just look like you work hard which I love. I not only want to look healthy but I want to make it look like I work hard.

Is there things today, that you’re doing that you didn’t before, because of your overweight?
Well now I actually workout for FUN. Yup. I’ve just fallen in love with exercise. Weird. Try going back in time and telling 14 yr old me that! hahaa. Other than that i’m just a lot more confident, i’m not afraid of going into the changing rooms when i’m out shopping because I know something will fit me whereas before I could go out for a whole day of shopping and nothing would fit right at all. There’s just so much i’m willing to do/try now! It’s incredible!

What is your favorite exercise for cardio and for strength traning? Or just exercise in particular?
Running. I feel so free and I love knowing the only way is forward. I could never fail at running, I can only get better and that is a great feeling.

Do you think you have more confidence now, than before?
DEFINITELY! I used to walk with my head down looking at the floor. Not only did it show my complete lack of confidence but also it was quite hazardous…I bumped into a lot of people hahaa. Now I can walk with my head up, happily bopping my head to some music. I’ve always been shy so its not like i’ve completely changed, but I feel so much more secure now.
What is your favorite healthy snack?
Anything with banana and peanut butter. If you follow my instagram (@scoladondo) then you’ll know I try to do everything I can with peanut butter! I am obsessed! I need to go to Peanut butter anonymous hahaa.

How do you feel about overweight people now? What is your thoughts?
I just wish they’d know what they’re doing to their health…it’s just upsetting not because of the way they look or anything, its not about that but because of what is happening on the inside. Same as if I see a healthy weight looking person eating McDonalds everyday…I would view them in the same way.

What’s your best beauty tip?
My best beauty tip is definitely to always drink lots of water and moisturize! Keeping your skin hydrated is so important if you want it to be soft, clear and also have a nice glow.

What’s your advice if you want to lose weight, but don’t have the motivation to do it?
Make a list of why you want to lose weight and all the things you would do when you had lost weight. Read that over and over and you will find the motivation!

How would a lunch and a dinner meal look to you?
Lunch: billede


How important is health to you now, than it was earlier?
SO important, I was in danger of getting type 2 Diabetes all because I wouldn’t stop eating crap and get off my butt. I was willing to risk my life for a burger or bag of crisps? That’s just crazy to me now. Health is just something I don’t take for granted.

How does a day schudule normally look for you?IMG_5970
Even though my healthy lifestyle is extremely important to me, school always comes first.
I usually get up at 6am and do a 30 minute cardio workout or interval training and then take a shower.
Whilst I’m having my breakfast I usually watch some youtube videos and reply to some messages and emails. I would have already prepared and packed my lunch the night before so I wouldn’t have to worry about that.

I’m out of the house by 8am to go to college (In the British school system that’s ages 16 to 18, its not University)
I’ll have a piece of fruit at 11am in my break and then my lunch at 1pIMG_4040m.
I’m usually not home until 5:30pm, I usually have my dinner straight away and I will have completed all of my homework in my study periods at school so I will usually dedicate an hour to replying to emails/messages/comments.
I take my shower around 9pm and then I get my school stuff ready, prepare my lunch and be in bed by 10pm. I usually just have some green tea and relax, watching some Youtube videos until I dose off 🙂
None of this is 100% precise, but it’s close to what my days look like.

Do you think your parents had an influence at how your weight increased? Do you blame them?
Physically? No. Emotionally? Yes. My mum makes the healthiest dinners. They are always perfectly balanced. Though unfortunately I would sneak food into my room. I would take like 4 packets of crisps at a time and hide them in my room for later, I laugh about it now…in fact I find the idea of me doing that HILARIOUS, but it was terrible. I would have that food in my room for when I needed comfort. Like I said my parents marriage is not perfect but whose is? I don’t like to focus on the negatives anymore. I like to focus on the positives and that’s REALLY helped! I am such an optimist, its ridiculous but I love being optimistic.

Someone you look up to?
My older sister. Her confidence really inspires me.
Has there been a special thing for you, that you thought  about when being in the journey of the weight loss? Like, ‘’when I lose this weight, I’ll wear this and that, and do this and that’’?

Oh this is so embarrassing, the two main things were to wear cute clothes like shorts, dresses and skirts so I could feel like a girl because I actually used to feel like an absolute boy. No joke. And get a boyfriend. Not everything works out like you imagine though hahaa, but I do get to wear cute clothes!
No but I matured through my weightloss and really I just started getting excited about fitness and health!


This is me now after a workout 🙂

What keeps you motivated to eat healthy and work out?
THE FEELING! Oh gosh that feeling you get after a good workout! I love it. And eating healthy does wonders for my skin you can see the difference in my skin from the before and afters not only because of the camera quality change/lighting but my skin has gotten so much brighter and full of life rather than looking dull. My overall health is just great and my mood is so much better too! I’m always in a good mood. I can’t stop this now! I just can’t. This is my life and I love it.

Favorite workout music?
Oh gosh….I don’t want to say a favorite because it changes all the time! One minute i’m into Dubstep the next I can’t get enough of my Afrobeats. But I like songs with motivating lyrics and a good beat like ‘Pursuit of happiness by Kid cudi’.

Favorite quote?
“Be better than you were yesterday”.
I love it because it’s not about comparing yourself to anyone else…It’s just about improving yourself. The only person you compete with in life is yourself.

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