How To Make Healthy and Easy Lunch Muffins!


For those of you who follow my Instagram, have already seen these muffins before. And yes, I know it has been forever since I updated my Instagram.
However, since I started in school again, I now have to think about healthy alternatives to lunch. And also something that isn’t pricey as hell, and can stay in a lunchbox for 4-5 hours without getting.. yucky 😀

Anyways, I was making this pie/eggcake/omelet-thing, and in the middle of cooking it kind of occoured to me that I could do the same into a muffin!
And I had seen recipes on other blogs on how to do it, but sometimes when I see a reicpe or the directions on how to make something I just end up being like;

aint-nobody-got-time-for-thatAnd that is bacsially my life.

Just kidding.

Sooooo, these should be pretty easy to make, I mean, if I can make these, everybody can. I gurarntee you!
What I used for baking is this muffin/cupcake-thing.. I don’t know what the real word is for it, so I just call it the muffin plate. Creative, yes.

1185986_10201855807937355_1491675967_nWhat you will use for the ”base” is eggs and milk. And of course salt and peppers.
How much you need is up to you, but I think I used 3 eggs and you just pour milk little by little. And oh, I used skimmed milk.
And here is the part where you get to decide for yourself (yay!).
The filling:
What I used was a frozen bag of mixed veggies (you can get them at all supermarkeds), you don’t have to buy fresh veggies, but it is up to you.
I was also meant to use some chicken in my muffins, but I kind of forgot that I didn’t have any, so no chicken. But I suggest you add some, I think it will taste really good!
But now when I think about it, I did cut out some tiny bits of bacon and used that, but I will definitely stick to chicken next time.
What I did on top of some of the muffins was that I put feta cheese on some of them. But I couldn’t really taste a difference, so I won’t do that the next time.
And don’t forget to use spices! Salt and pepper isn’t always enough!

So just to sum up: You take some eggs and milk and mix it together. Then you pour it into your muffin shapes. Then you add your mix of veggies (and anything else you might like). Then you put them into the oven and turn the heat to 150 degrees. I can’t remember for how long they were in the oven, but just hold an eye on them. I think it is about 10 minutes or so.

And finally, you will hopefully end up with these lovely muffins:
Feel free to ask me in the comments below for help or if I forgot something, or if you just have any questions or ideas to make these muffins better!

Have a great weekend!

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