About running again and a good running jacket

Running is the best thing ever. Besides from avocado. And cookies. Ice cream. Peanut butter. Okay maybe not the best thing ever but it is on top of my list.
I’m so happy that I have started running again. I feel like there is no need to list up all of the many benefits of running and why you should start running (if you not already are!) but some of the reasons why I am so happy with having started running again is that I’ve missed it. I’ve missed having a sport that I was good at (btw, how do you define being good at running? Hmm.) and that I could do without going to the gym. All I really need for my run is just proper running shoes and a sports bra. And a good running jacket is essential I think, but more about that later.
Running gives me the best endoripines. If that is because running is so damn hard both mentally and mentally, I don’t know. But I know that I don’t experience the same kind of high as with any of the other sports I do. I do a little bit with boxing come to think of it but after a run, my lungs and my whole body just feels incredible in a different way than when I box.

The races. I love going to races. Partly because I like the atmosphere and signing up to a race means that you are more committed maybe? Not saying that you are not a committed runner if you don’t do races and such. But I also like going to races because I never thought that I would be a runner. Let alone just run a single mile without stopping!
But here I am, after doing a 10K race this Sunday (which went really well btw!) and thinking about doing a half-marathon next year when I’m going to America, I feel proud of myself. Like really, really proud. Kind of feels like my overweight-Maia is being like ”You go, girl! You can do it!”. Having been obese and struggling with weight for years, even after losing a lot of weight it can sometimes feel like I am still the overweight Maia that I was years ago. And when doing things like races or stuff that I wouldn’t (or couldn’t) do when I was overweight, it is an accomplishment for me. Even if it is ”only” a couple of miles.

Anyhow! How many of you know the brand Helly Hansen? If you’re familiar with the brand like I am, you might be thinking of yellow raincoats, skiing underwear and big boots. Well, that was the things that popped into my head when I heard the name. But Helly Hansen isn’t all yellow raincoats and skiing equipment. Actually they have a sporting line and they just launched a new running jacket. It’s not only a running jacket, you can use it for other sports too. And I’ve had the opportunity to test their new running jacket.
Not only is the Helly Hansen W Pace Jacket really pretty, I mean look at those colours!
Helly HansenBut it is amazing to run in! It’s very breathable and wind blocking.
Plus, the material is really great and comfortable!
It’s warmer than my other running jacket that I have but I only see that as a good thing since it’s getting colder now. Even in spring time I don’t think it will be to hot with my Helly Hansen jacket.
Helly Hansen Helly HansenHelly HansenThere’s reflexes on each arm and on the back of the jacket. So you’ll be safe running outside in the dark. Though I would still advise you to wear some reflexes on your legs for example. Just to be safe.
The pockets in the jacket are almost noticeable and the zipper is really good.
The jacket has a high neck which I think is really good! When I’m running outside I always have my jacket zipped all up so my throat don’t get cold and the high neck in the jacket is in some different kind of fabric like some really nice and warm fabric and it feels really good to your skin.
HHUnder the arms as you can see, there’s a different kind of fabric at the arm pits which makes it more comfortable when you sweat because the jacket kind of like keeps the sweat away and keeps you dry. Know what I mean? Kind of like Dry-fit material.

Final conclusion is that I am very happy with this jacket and it is by far the best running jacket that I have tried. And my image of Helly Hansen just being boring rain clothes and such is now over!

Helly HansenYou can shop the jacket here. The colour that I have is called Frozen Blue.



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