Atnu product review + giveaway

I have had the opportunity to try three of Atnu products.
I have tried the Milk Protein Vanilla, the Diet Shake Chocolate and the SweetUP sweetener.

Milk Protein Vanilla:Atnu giveaway blog
I have tried many different vanilla protein. Most of them with a disgusting taste, almost not able to drink it. But this Milk Protein Vanilla from Atnu, is not disgusting. It has a really nice and real taste of vanilla. In my opinion it is a little bit thin. Normally I don’t mix a lot of water with my shake, because I like the shake to have a more thick texture. With this shake I had to use less water than normal.
This shake is also gluten free which is a plus for me. I’m not gluten intolerant, but I feel better if I don’t eat or drink too much stuff with gluten in it, since I am a little sensitive to gluten.

Atnu giveaway blog

Diet Shake Chocolate
The diet shake is for you who is trying to slim down and want a low calorie snack. It has a rich chocolate flavor. If you mix it with milk, it taste like a chocolate milkshake.

Atnu giveaway blogSweetUP
SweetUP is the first 0 calories sweetener I have tried. I have used the SweetUP in baking and smoothies. Recently I used it in my detox smoothie with orange, carrots and ginger. It gave my smoothie a sweeter taste and made the ginger less strong.
SweetUP works well with baking too. Basically SweetUP is a replacment for sugar and I can’t taste the difference from SweetUP and real sugar. SweetUP is not fluid.

To be entering my giveaway you must live in Denmark (sorry!).

Atnu is giving 1 Milk Protein Vanilla, 1 Diet Shake Chocolate and 1 SweetUP sweetener.

1. Leave a comment below telling me if you use any supplements to your workout and why you use them. If you don’t use any supplements to your workout, tell me why 🙂

2. Like Atnu Facebook page and my blog on Facebook.

The winner will be picked Saturday 14 November and I will use to pick the winner.

Good luck!

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This post is sponsored by Atnu. All opinions are my own.

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12 Responses to Atnu product review + giveaway

  1. Anne Jungersen says:

    I usually use proteinpowder mixed with water or proteinbars after my workout to get the proteins i need afterwards asap because I’m not really hungry right after working out.

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  3. Nanna Pedersen says:

    Jeg bruger proteinpulver til før og efter træning, under træning benytter jeg mig så af HYDRO carbs, til at få noget energi, da det giver et super boost.

  4. Sabrine says:

    Jeg bruger ikke noget kostilskud lige nu, men jeg vil gerne igang med at bruge noget protein pulver.

  5. Simone says:

    Jeg kunne bare godt tænkte mig nogle kosttilskud til min træning, for at jeg kan komme i gang. Og så vil jeg bruge det i bagværk til sundere alternativer. 🙂

  6. louise says:

    Når jeg har trænet så, tager jeg en proteinbar eller en protein drik.

  7. Nanna says:

    Blander proteinpulver i smoothies og bananpandekager – meget for mæthedens skyld, så jeg ikke fristes af snacks og små måltider hele dagen 😉

  8. Maria Møller says:

    Jeg kunne også tænke mig at vinde en af disse produkter. Fed artikel! Jeg bruger ikke noget pt.

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  10. Cecilie Abildstrøm says:

    Jeg bruger proteinpulver i min morgenmad, da det er godt i både havregrød og pandekager 😀 Mums!

  11. Julie says:

    Jeg bruger proteinpulver efter træning for at få noget hurtig protein. Og så bruger jeg sødemiddel i bagværk 🙂

  12. Julie says:

    Jeg bruger BCAA, protein pulver og HYDRO carbs. Det er for at få mere ud af min træning.

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