What is the intention of ”Inspirational Monday”?


I hope everyone is having a good weekend. The sun is shining in Denmark right now, so everyone is happy and excited for the summer! A wonderful feeling.
It crossed my mind that I have actually never explained the purpose of ”Inspirational ”Monday”. You could say that it doesn’t have to be explained. Simply, it is a post with pictures to inspire and motivate you.
The idea behind ”Inspirational Monday”, has changed since I started the blog.
When I started the posts, my own idea of how I wanted to look like, reflected in the photos I used for my posts. When I started, I would post pictures of skinny people, preferably girls with a thigh gap. At the time, I was not aware that a thigh gap is an unhealthy body image to attain. A thigh gap has something to do with how your bone structure is and not about how much fat you have on your inner thighs.
thigh gapI slowly got away from the whole ”thinspo” thing and more into ”Strong is the new skinny” – kind of thing.
I wanted to be strong, not just thin. I wanted muscles. Just losing fat wasn’t my number one priority, but gaining more muscle mass became important to me as well. I started posting people with more muscle mass and in overall more toned and fit bodies.
In my opinion, the ”thinspo” hype has calmed down, along with the thigh gap obsessions, I hope. Right now there is a big focus on muscular people, being lean and strong.

What I want to say with this post is; Please do not use the pictures as a goal to how you want to look. Every body is different, not one body is alike. Trying to attain a certain body, can be dangerous, because the body shape can be different from what you have. I’m not saying that it is only a bad thing to have set a picture of your dream body in your mind, just be realistic about it. Also remember that many of the photos I use (generally many photos online), may have been photoshopped. Also, a good filter can make a body look very different.
When you see a photos online, either here, on Instagram, or a poster in the gym, don’t lose your head in the journey of getting that body. Use the photos as a hint in the direction you want to go, but not the finish line.

The purpose of ”Inspirational Monday” is to give you photos to inspire and motivate you. But please think twice before you completely change your lifestyle, so you can look like a covergirl. The covergirls do not even look like them self in real life.

Every and each body shape is beautiful! There is nothing wrong with your body, because you can’t see your abs, because you do not have a booty as the same size as Beyoncés booty or because you can’t squat a certain number of kilos. You, yourself, are enough. The most prettiest body, is a happy body (and mind).

Have a great weekend!

tumblr_nguk8mFB2H1rqyje0o1_540Source: Tumblr

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